ANSWERING MACHINE Based on a tune I wrote for my first answering machine. The lyrics are:

Oh yes we finally went and got
ourselves an answering machine something that we thought we’d
never do to our phone
But if you want to leave a message
and it’s not too obscene; i’ll try to call you back when we get home

BEETHOVEN PARODY  This is a full on rip of Beethoven’s fifth. I included riffs from all the other symphonies. I didn’t even consult the score. I know that piece so well.

BUZZ IN THE HEAD WHILE TRYING TO SLEEP This is supposed to be irritating and keep you awake, just like it did for me

CELLO PIECE  I just wanted to write something for cello and orchestra, because I own one. A cello that is, not an orchestra.

DIET PIECE  I like to write classical music based on my songs. This is a good example

DIRTY DISH RAG This was the first full on piano piece I ever wrote. I think it was even on paper. Combined Bach with Scott Joplin.


EARLY QUARTET  The first 4 part thing I ever wrote.

FINAL SAY  This was an “end of relationship” piece with some optimism included. Mari and I performed it as a flute and guitar duet.

FLUTE SONATA  Written for Mari, she plays on this, I think with one take.

FOR “Q” TOO  A little classical romp with a funny title .

SYMPHONY 6 Been working on this for 20 years. Supposed to be part of a symphony

GUITAR CONCERTO This is my biggest work. I tried to make it playable on classical guitar even though to get the synth to play it required some odd tricks. Inspired by Paganini.

LIPSTICK  A piece featuring a lot of augmented 4ths

MANGLER  A spooky demented piece based on one of my reject songs called “Mary the Mangler”

NICHT FUR ELISE  A bold, funny parody of Beethoven’s famous piano piece.


OCTO  Octives throughout. Annoying as heck.


SHOES  Based on my song “Shoes Full of Sand”. Also did a version for flute and horn.

TIME IS NOT MONEY This is the orchestral version of music I wrote for an aborted musical. It’s in 7/8 and I think it holds it’s own without words.

TRICKY ENDING  I always liked the end of Beethoven’s Fifth where it seems like it’s going to end, but doesn’t. Tried to do that here.

VIOLIN PIECE FOR DAPHNA  My friend Daphna Rahmil put out a great album “Flying”. So I took the first song, “Way of the Wind”, stole the melodies and wrote a violin and orchestra piece with her in mind. Strangely enough she doesn’t seem to recognize her own song out of context, explains why plagiarism works.

FUGUE YOU  This was intended for my symphony, which remains unfinished.

BOWL ARROW  Like “Bolero”, I took one theme and played it over and over in different ways.

RIGHT HANDED VIOLIN PIECE  Only uses open strings on the violin, so when I lose my left hand, I’ll still be performing. Piano part needs two hands however.

DOWNERS BRING ME UP SYMPHONIC An orchestrated version of “Downers Bring Me Up” I think it’s funnier.

MARI AGE TRIBUTE This supposed to represent my 12 year marriage to Mari in three minutes. Boy can I condense!

TWENTY ONE  Strange ditty that has 21 beats per phrase.

SIS BOOM BAH  A waltz dedicated to my sister.

TO THE NINES  A two part experiment in nine.

SWEET N LOW  Piano piece based on “Brown Sugar”.

OTHER WOMAN WALTZ*  Mari wrote a song with this title. so I borrowed the themes and wrote this waltz from it. Another teamwork effort.

XMAS MUDLEY  I wrote this for Mari’s woodwind quintette, and I think it got two performances, neither of which was recorded. I was well received, which is shocking, because I’m doing my best to make fun of Xmas tunes.

POOPED OUT How I felt after writing this.

MOVING  Moving is traumatic. I was trying to capture that in a whole tone, 4/4/+3/4 piece.

RAPIDS  After I wrote this, I go the idea that it felt like rafting on a tempestuous river, hence the title.

ROTATE  Based on the song, “Turn, Turn, Turn”, Byrds version.

* With Mari McComb